In-Depth Interviews: What's the Deal?

In-depth interviews are an effective way to capture enriched feedback during a one-on-one meeting with a customer, prospect or constituent. During an in-depth interview, a respondent meets with a moderator (typically a Project Director or Manager) and provide in-depth feedback on a particular topic, product, idea, etc.

Typically, in-depth interviews are carried out face to face as body language can play a key role in understanding the responses given by the interviewees. However, in recent years, digital interviews have become increasingly popular especially when the researcher and the interviewee are separated by long distances. Geographic location and time zones are no longer a barrier.

These interviews are run a little bit differently than, say, an interview on the news. In-depth interviews more closely resemble a guided conversation than the staccato question and answer format of most interviews. Before the interview is performed, and to ensure all necessary questions are asked and the desired information collected, a discussion guide is developed. During the interview, the moderator refers back to the this document uses it to, as its name states, guide the discussion.

Over the past year we have used in-depth interviews to help our clients test ::

  • Website designs
  • Business to Business feedback
  • Healthcare patient opinions
  • A meal supplement beverage
  • New hummus flavors
  • Vacuums
In-depth interviews provide researchers the freedom to ask follow-up questions, probe for more information and fulfill research needs that require more enriched, comprehensive feedback.