GreatBlue and Sacred Heart University Take Their Poll National

Did you know GreatBlue conducts a national poll? We've partnered with Sacred Heart University since 2017 to conduct a Statewide poll of Connecticut residents covering a variety of hot button issues. Recently, however, we decided to expand our horizons and conduct the poll on a national scale. Here are a few key highlights from our July study. 

Thank you, Elon

Ever since we were forced to find our own sources of entertainment for a year, cryptocurrency trading has exploded in popularity. Bitcoin, for example, has increased in value by 24,991.4% since October of 2013 (with a peak increase of 29,863.5% in March of this year). Among all respondents: 

  • 44% believe the value of cryptocurrencies will increase in the next 10 years
  • The majority (62%) of those earning $150,000 or more believe value will increase over the next 10 years. 

Social Butterflies

On January 8th, Twitter made headlines when it announced it would permanently suspend then-President Donald Trump's personal account, with other social media companies following suit. This sparked a fierce, ongoing debate surrounding how much power a social media company should have over regulating user-generated content. Of those surveyed: 

  • 50% of respondents believe social media companies have the right to censor content (14% were unsure). 
  • 54% of respondents believe social media companies have the right to terminate accounts based on content written / shared by the account holder (12% were unsure). 

Greener and Cleaner

An ever present elephant in the room, the environment and the discussion surrounding climate change were included as part of this poll. Among respondents: 

  • 63% of respondents agree that the increase in electric vehicles is helpful to the environment. 
  • 58% of respondents agree that the current national renewable energy initiatives will have a positive impact on the economy. 
  • 51% of respondents believe it is important to find a balance between net zero carbon goals and economic impact it has. 

These are just a few of the topics we cover in our quarterly national poll. We also focused on vaccines, Joe Biden's presidency and approval rating, and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the full report.