Do Customers Actually Care if Their Electric Utility is Classified as 'Community Owned'?

As with all businesses, measuring levels of customer perception and satisfaction are critical in ensuring the continued success of a product or service. Utilities, and specifically Public Power utilities are no exception. A question we have been asking customers more and more lately is, do customers actually care if their electric company is labelled as 'Community Owned'? And if so, how does it affect their perception of their electric company?

Data from the Public Power Data Source, a national customer research tool developed by GreatBlue Research and the American Public Power Association shows that 79% of Public Power customers agree it is important to them that their electric utility is 'Community Owned'. Additionally, 42.4% of customers nationwide stated their perception of their electric utility improved after learning it was classified as 'community owned'. This is in contrast to only 8% stating it negatively impacted their perception.

How can you use this data? First and foremost, customers understanding their utility is "community owned" has a direct correlation to their positive perception of you. Increasing awareness levels of the community owned utility factor is important. Spend time marketing this fact and communicating its benefits. Craft messages and develop a communication strategy that spreads this information to all customers.