Digital Surveys: Why Do We Use Them?

Digital surveys are currently one of the most common methods for collecting data. The reasoning behind this is largely due to the cost efficient nature and ability to collect large quantities of data in a short time period. Digital surveys can be sent to a large number of participants across a wide range of geographic areas and locations and can be conducted and processed quickly. Top advantages of the digital survey methodology include: 


  • Ease of Data Collection: Digital surveys can be distributed to large numbers of potential respondents instantly. The survey can be dispersed and completed much faster, especially if there is an incentive for completion. 
  • Cost: Traditional survey methods are more time and labor intensive and expensive. Digital surveys, on the other hand, are much less labor intensive and, therefore, are less expensive. 
  • Response RatesIn a world where everyone is always on the go, a digital survey allows the respondent to complete the survey on their own time. Additionally, digital surveys allow for total anonymity which alleviates concerns over privacy. 
  • Design FreedomDigital surveys allow clients to have a greater degree of control over their survey design. Logic, skip patterns, visuals, and question layout can be edited quickly and are completely customizable.