Culture Creation - Part I: Data-Driven Dreams

Just like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Godfather, we're also cashing in on the idea of a series. While we might not get to part 14 as quickly as The Fast and Furious, our goal is to give you as much Grade A content as Rocky. Okay we'll stop now.

With the rapid advancement of technology in recent years, data has become a focal point in making business decisions. And while technology has been quick to adapt, company culture has not.

Creating a data-driven company culture is a lot like maintaining a car:
  • It's not glamorous or fun, but it increases longevity.
But why should I have to adapt? Well to be frank, because the wheels of change only move forward. Companies have been adapting and creating data-driven corporate cultures for years. Meaning, if you don't adapt, you'll be left behind.

What does a data-driven culture look like? According to some very smart people over at Google, a data-driven culture is as unique as the company adopting it. Deciding you're going to actively use data to drive and build company culture is simply the first step. Consider these four key areas while mapping out your data-driven culture plan:
  • Business Agility - how quickly are we able to adapt to change?
  • Data Quality - where is the data coming from and are we confident in its accuracy?
  • Insight Gathering - how frequently are we collecting data and from what sources?
  • Trust Building - do our employees trust our methods and do we trust their input?
So how do we start to create a data-driven culture? We'll start to cover that in Part II of Culture Creation.