6 Reasons to Conduct Customer Research

Businesses are constantly changing: developing new strategies, launching new products, adjusting their marketing tactics. With every change, businesses must never forget their main goals: retain customers, attract new customers and increase revenues. Gathering information from your current customers and target markets is a critical step in making well-informed data validated decisions. We’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons why businesses seeking to reach the next level should conduct customer research.

market research

1. Informed Decision Making

There are countless strategic decisions to make when running a business.  Wondering if your new marketing strategy will actually drive revenues or if your new product will better serve the market’s demand?  Customer research will help you determine which path will have the most positive and successful impact.  When you conduct customer research, you can be sure that every decision made is supported by data.  

2. Understand Your Existing Customers

Customer research is one of the best ways to learn about the people currently buying your products and services.  You cannot understand their opinions if you do not ask them for it.  Discover their desires, their influencers, their decision making process and their drivers to purchase.  Conducting customer research will help you understand your customers’ thoughts and opinions so you can focus only on strategies which will have impact.    

3. Identify New Customers

Customer research will not only help you understand the customers you have, but it will help you identify new customer opportunities.  By understanding target market’s detailed demographics you can target to them specifically.  Age, gender, income level and geographic location all affect the way customers think, act and ultimately purchase.  Once you understand the specific characteristics of your potential customers you can more effectively target them in your marketing and acquisition efforts.   

4. Prioritize Better

With so many factors driving every business decision, it can be extremely difficult to know which factors will have the best results.  Customer research will help you prioritize your focus.  Learn what is most important to the customers targeted, uncover areas needing improvement and project the impact of your business decisions.  Customer research is the key to strategy and decision making prioritization.  

5. Choose the Most Lucrative Options

Customer research equips you with the information needed to make educated business decisions.  It not only helps understand what will best appeal to your customers but what will be most financially lucrative and ultimately successful.  Understand which marketing materials will drive the most traffic or which pricing model for a new product or service will garner the most sales.  Customer research is the key to decision making success.  

6. Reduce Risks

In addition to making the most advantageous decisions, customer research can help you avoid risky and potentially money losing decisions.  With every anticipated move, customer research will help you learn the advantages and disadvantages before moving forward. Customer research ensures you never make a blind decision.  By collecting and using custom research you can be sure any strategic move made is informed and the best possible option for your business. 

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