How Municipalities Can Benefit from Market Research

Municipality Market ResearchMarket research can help drive strategic planning efforts for municipalities as well as the development and implementation of new programs and services. When municipalities understand how residents feel about particular topics or issues they can develop initiatives based on feedback received directly from them. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common items you can learn about when conducting municipal studies and collecting data from your residents.

Overall Perception and Satisfaction with the Town

Are residents satisfied with current offerings from the Town?

Understanding the general perceptions of the Town is an important area to address in a municipality study. Are they taking advantage of programs and services offered at various facilities -- parks and recreation, senior centers, community centers, etc. What is their rating for the quality of life in the Town? What do residents think about the quality of education? Do your residents trust the local government to make decisions in their best interest? The more you learn about your town and its residents, the better equipped you will be to operate and make improvements. Ultimately, improving satisfaction of residents will increase engagement levels with the Town, drive others to be more engaged and active citizens and ensure retention for years to come.

Desired Town Enhancements

Ever wonder why your residents chose to spend their money in the next town over?

Conducting research surrounding multiple factors about residents can help municipalities understand what those who reside in the Town want to see implemented. Are they in need of new programs or services? Would they like to see more or different events/activities? Do they want infrastructure developed in the Town? Do you have great restaurants, but no good parking? Each of these factors can help guide strategic planning efforts for future improvements of the Town. Your residents chose to live in your town for a reason, now help keep them there!

Communication Strategies

Was setting up trash collection the last time residents looked at your website?

Resident surveys are a great way to assess your town’s communication strategies. Are residents aware of activities and events that are happening in town? Do they know about the programs and services they have access to? Do they know their polling place when it’s time to vote on important issues?

In addition to assessing whether current communication strategies are effective, you can learn which communication mediums your residents prefer. Would residents prefer direct mail or online contact? Can social media effectively get the word out? Through market research, you can assess your town’s communication strategies and learn which methods are most effective to communicate with the majority of the population.

Identifying Barriers

Are you seeking new ways to encourage residents to be more active in the town?

Market research can help identify any barriers that are preventing engagement or future residency. On the other hand, this research can also identify driving forces that encourage residents to engage with the town. Once these factors have been identified, the town can take steps to remove barriers and then highlight drivers to encourage residents to be more actively engaged with their town.

GreatBlue Research | Market Research for Municipalities

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