GreatBlue Telephone Surveys: CT Residents Largely Opposed to Tolls

Recently, GreatBlue Research conducted a telephone survey with Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy and The Hartford Courant of Connecticut residents. The aim of this survey was to discover the general opinion of electronic tolling on state highways in Connecticut. Through this survey, GreatBlue Research concluded that Connecticut residents largely oppose electronic tolls.highway

The Specifics

GreatBlue Research conducted a Connecticut-specific scientific telephone survey. They interviewed 1,000 residents between May 10 and May 23. This survey has a +/-3.02 percent margin of error with a 95 percent confidence level. The telephone survey involved various questions aiming to discover Connecticut residents’ opinions of the presence of electronic tolls on state highways and the appropriate use of toll funds if tolls were implemented.

The Results

Connecticut residents continue to oppose electronic tolls on state highways, with 58.8% of residents opposing the tolls. Of those who support the tolls, 51.3% do so only with the provision that the money collected go into a transportation “lockbox” account to be used only for road and bridge improvements and infrastructure repairs, per a state referendum passed last year.

When given two options for funding infrastructure repairs, tolling or borrowing funds, slightly more residents favored tolls over borrowing funds. 49.3% of Democrats preferred instituting tolls to pay for infrastructure improvements, while 20.9% of Republicans reported the same.

Among those who oppose electronic tolls, the strongest opposition came from residents ages 35-44 (63%) and residents ages 45-64 (64.5%). The strongest opposition to electronic tolling came from those earning $50,000-$100,000 in annual income (63.2%) and those earning $150,000 or more in annual income (60%).


After conducting this survey, the research indicates that the public opinion of tolls has not changed, as Connecticut residents have remained steadily opposed. Lesley DeNardis, executive director for the Institute of Public Policy and director of Sacred Heart University’s Master of Public Administration program says, “Postponing a vote until a special legislative sessions this summer suggests the administration needs additional time to make its case.”


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