Find Out Where Your Utility Ranks Against the National Average

GreatBlue Research recently conducted a customer satisfaction survey for Paducah Power System, surveying both residential and commercial customers. The goal of the study was to assess Paducah’s performance and identify areas in need of improvement to help provide the best possible service to its customers. After the comprehensive study, GreatBlue found that Paducah Power System ranks higher than the national average for many attributes.


Research Method

GreatBlue collected 416 residential customer surveys and 105 commercial customer surveys. These surveys were conducted via telephone and online survey methodologies. Some of the areas uncovered in the survey included:

  • Overall satisfaction with the utility
  • Level of trust in Paducah and their ability to meet expectations
  • Ratings of customer service and field service personnel
  • Satisfaction with their bill and current methods of payment
  • Preferred communication strategies and website ratings
  • Awareness and interest in various Paducah programs and services

The Results

The results of the Paducah survey were compared to that of the Public Power Data Source – driven by the American Public Power Association and powered by GreatBlue. The Public Power Data Source is a national tool in which GreatBlue surveys 3,000 public power utility customers per quarter regarding a variety of attributes related to utility services as well as the opinions and thoughts surrounding various trending industry topics. Based on the results it was found Paducah ranks higher for many attributes compared to the national average. Moving forward, Paducah can take strategic action to improve the services they offer to customers and identify ways to increase their ratings.

For more information, please see the article below that was published by The Paducah Sun and listed on the Hometown Connections website regarding the results of the survey:


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